“I first met Roxy at an open house a month ago. At that time I had decided to buy an investment property but wasn’t sure where to look, so I used to drive all over the south bay area visiting as many open houses as I can every weekend. I had a strong motivation to buy but didn’t know any realtor I felt comfortable working with even though I met dozens in the past. I was really in the dark, not knowing where to look and what to look for. After talking to Roxy for the first time, I had a really good impression of her who  attentively listened to my goals, current situation and how she may be able to help in a way that was not pushy. 
Couple days later we talked at length over the phone about the potential areas and specific listings we could tour together. Because my area of interest was rather large, I had a long list of homes I was interested in. She quickly followed up and looked into every listing and gave specific feedback why she may or may not recommend each one. We then toured selected ones in various parts of San Jose. After spending better half of the day with her, it was apparent she  knew the areas and the market condition very well, and by then I was very comfortable working with her going forward. There were many follow-up discussions and several potential offers to write, and every time she was very quick at addressing my questions and concerns and finding out any info we needed to move forward. 
I met her couple more times on separate tours in a week, and I found a great house I wanted to buy. She quickly followed up and found out the needs of the seller in terms of their expectations and desired options such as fast closing period and rent back. She also made sure that I had the best pre-approval letter ready to go with the offer by actively reviewing and  involving the best lender I’ve ever met. Not only that, she made sure that she could present the offer in person for the best shot (which she did and negotiated on the spot on my behalf) , which I think made a huge difference in securing the deal. Such hard work and dedication was the reason we were able to present the best offer possible and secure the property I really wanted, in less than 2 weeks since I first met her at the open house. Furthermore, the lender she referred was able to close in 14 days, so I had the property on my name in less than 4 weeks since I first met her! I still can’t believe this as I type this. Even though I met her only four weeks ago, it  feels like I’ve worked with her for a long time; that is how much work she put in in helping me out in such a short period. 
 She continued to work tirelessly even after our offer was accepted in order to make sure everything went smoothly until closing. She was  always on top of everything, contacting anyone and everyone as needed all the while always keeping me in the loop. I was never in the dark or at risk of making bad decisions. In fact, she swayed me away from making couple deals that seemed rather risky on my behalf, and I am extremely grateful of her guidance and protection, always putting her clients’ interests first. 
 I will say this at the risk of shaming myself in utter selfishness – I am reluctant to say that I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a home in the area (and I’m sure she’s just as great at listing), because I really need her help in securing my next property and don’t want other people from taking up too much of her precious time away from helping me out. 😛 Joking aside, I absolutely enjoy working with her and I have no doubt she will be able to do the same for any buyer/seller out there. I am planning to purchase more properties in the near future, and I know whom I will work with. Do you?”   Buyer, Willow Glen

“As a first time home buyer and honestly coming into this not knowing anything I can attest that Roxy is the reason why I was able to purchase my first home. From her robust industry knowledge  to her honest opinions I always felt like I was in good hands. I spent over a year with her looking at homes and she was always straightforward with me on whether she thought a house was/was not a good fit for me or whether the community I was looking at was in high demand. She has the instincts and ability to make your offer relevant to a selle r. Moreover, I found her especially helpful during the closing process. I had a million things on my plate outside of buying a home and Roxy was always there to give me a friendly reminder on when something was due or if I needed to tweak the process she was the first one to research it. For instance, we were looking at the options of co-signing a home and she went out of her way to look into this for me and come up with a solution that both parties were happy with. Roxy made this whole process a breeze and I am truly grateful. I highly recommend her and I know I will be working with her again in the future 🙂   ”  Buyer, San Jose

“It was great to work with Roxy for both buying our new home and selling our old one . We were expecting to be looking a few years for our dream Eichler but the perfect one came on the market two weeks after we really started looking with Roxy. She helped us with our many questions since this time we had a current home in the process as well. She made sure to get us in touch with great people to help us with the lending process and get us ready to put a bid in with the usual tight Bay Area schedule – and we were successful! Her expertise in making sure the selling agent and sellers knew who we were and why we wanted this house definitely played a part in this success. We’re now in the Eichler we’ve always wanted!  Next, we knew it was time to figure out our current home. Roxy explained all of the options (sell or rent) for our area. It eventually came down to wanting to put our efforts in the new home so we knew we could trust Roxy with getting our home ready for sale. The house looked great for the open house and we had a lot of interest. Selling in the Bay Area is a bit of a roller coaster ride and Roxy  guided us through the process with ease. Through her hard work we got an offer we were pleased with and the selling went without a hitch. While we’re quite happy with our new home now,  if we were to buy/sell in the future, we would definitely go with Roxy again. She’s always professional, willing to work with our late night availability and gets things done quickly with her great network of contractors and resources. If you are looking for a realtor that is  willing to go the extra mile for buying and selling, Roxy is a great choice!  ”  Buyer, San Mateo & Seller, Mountain View

“At the time we first met Roxy, we were the usual first-time home buyers full of doubts and naive questions. We had no idea even how to get started with the process. Thanks to Roxy, fast forward a few months later, not only did we become very knowledgeable about the process and what to look for and avoid in a house, but we also  gained a lot of confidence in our ability to make it work. Roxy was very understanding and guided us through the process while helping us  figure out what we wanted and how to get there, without being pushy or too laidback, and has this huge amount of positivity  which makes the otherwise stressful house-buying process a lot of fun 🙂 She has a great balance o f positivity, determination, and most importantly, straightforwardness which made us trust her  opinions and suggestions from the very beginning. Now we have a house that we love and we definitely would not be here right now if not for her help :)”   Buyer, Willow Glen

“Roxy is an amazing person to work with. She helped us purchase our first home in the Bay Area. She was extremely passionate about understanding our needs and finding the right home for us. She was proactive about educating us on the next steps and went above and beyond to make sure we had a smooth experience. She was always available to answer questions and provide guidance as needed. She was  transparent with us on all fronts that greatly helped boost our confidence while signing the paperwork. We believe she offers a  rare combination of customer empathy and perseverance. Roxy is more like a friend to us now and we are glad to have had the opportunity to know such an extraordinary person. We’d strongly recommend Roxy to any aspiring home owners out there!”    Buyer, Sunnyvale 
“One of the best people. She got introduced to us through our network of friends and from the day go she walked us through the process and understood our requirements and  got us exactly what we were looking for. She is very knowledgeable about the local market and process. Roxy is super professional, highly approachable and very resourceful, she is  more like a friend to us now.” Buyer, Sunnyvale

“Roxy is the absolute best. She was so helpful from the very beginning to the very end of the entire process, and  continues to be to this day. She is super professional, an amazing negotiator , and was always a step ahead of the game. Roxy was always super quick to reply to any of my emails, texts or phone calls, and made my first ever purchase of a home a wonderful, smooth process . She explained everything to me in great detail, which I really needed since I didn’t understand a lot of things being that this was my first time purchasing a home. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent by my side through this whole process and for that, I’m so grateful. I would highly recommend Roxy!”  Buyer, Blossom Valley

“Roxy Laufer was my real estate agent when I purchased a condo in Santa Clara in March 2017. She is extremely responsive, resourceful, and professional . This was my first home purchase, and I was not familiar with the process and was initially unsure what I was looking for. I really appreciate how Roxy was patient and honest, and proactively pointed out many details that I should pay attention to. She took the time to get to know what I liked and disliked about each property, and figured out exactly what I was looking for . She helped me narrow down on a few properties and made the process very simple and straightforward. Roxy is also very resourceful and responsive. She responds to my concerns quickly, and  always has a solutionin mind. For example, when the moving company I initially contacted declined the move due to HOA requirements, she was able to find me an alternative within a day, and took the extra effort to make sure that the new moving company is ok with the HOA requirements. These little things saved a lot of time for me. I had a very pleasant experience working with Roxy and would  recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.”  Buyer, Santa Clara

“Roxy jumped in at the last minute after our original agent had an emergency and was fantastic. She walked us through the process of buying our first home in a very competitive situation in Willow Glen and  got our offer chosen out of 14 total offers. She offered us sound advice on how to provide a good counter offer.  She was very knowledgeable about the local market and process. We are so happy with our home and owe a huge thank you to Roxy! We highly recommend her.”   Buyer, WIllow Glen

“Roxy was professional and patient with us throughout the entire process. 
 Being new to Northern California, our options were all over the Bay from SF city to the Peninsula and down to South Bay. We were searching for a charming neighborhood with a young professional surrounding. We scoured the bay, location was hard for us to decide on. 
A coworker who just purchased a home with Roxy recommended we meet. Roxy took the time to carefully give us a driving tour of the South Bay, as well as tickets for a local walking tour. (Other realtors were nice when we spoke with them, but these extra gestures were above the norm and really sold us.)  We got to know the community, schools, freeways, and nearby attractions. 
 Soon after, we found THE house (much sooner than we anticipated, so we weren’t in a rush). THE house was only on the market for a little over a week and had a lot of traffic. With that in mind, we decided to submit an offer below the listing price, along with a letter per Roxy’s advice. After a tiny bit of negotiations with the wonderful homeowners, the deal was set! 
 We’re now in inspection mode! She lined up all the proper inspectors for us and worked closely with the listing agent to help us with all request. In the end we got an additional credit back. 
 A beautiful home under listing, and some! We had a great experience, an all around pleasure to work with who was thoughtful and helpful.” 
Buyers, Rose Garden

“Finally have a chance to give a sincere thanks to our realtor Roxy. Roxy was our real estate agent when we purchased the house in San Jose.  Roxy is very knowledgeable, honest and extremely thorough. We had some loan issue with our first lender and didn’t get qualified when we were in escrow.  Roxy was such a problem solver. She was patient and instantly found us a great broker who helped to solve the issue. 
 Buying a house could be a hassle, but Roxy was very organized and takes care of everything and communicating throughout the whole buying process. She responds any questions instantly even in late night.  Most of all she makes sure we are confident signing all the papers without any doubts. She is more like a friend to us now, she keeps in touch with us and providing any information we need after our purchase. 
 I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a future home” Buyers, Willow Glen

Roxy Laufer is an extremely talented real estate agent who has a great passion for her work.  I was fortunate enough to have Roxy represent me as my broker in the sale of my home after living there for over 11 years. 
 The urgency for selling my home was required due to another property I was preparing to make an offer.  Roxy was able to help prepare me and my home, in a very short time, for selling. Because of the urgency to sell, she took creative measures in ensuring my property was shared with hundreds of other brokers in her network – even before it was formally listed on the market.  In doing so, she was ultimately able to locate the final sellers for the property. I believe I would not have been able to sell my home as quickly without her ability to be make such good use of her connections. 
 Roxy was not only able to secure quality buyers for my home, but she was able to get an ‘all cash/over asking’ price.  I was impressed by her ability to consistently go above and beyond in taking such great care of me during the entire process. She consistently made herself available to me when I had questions and provide me with clear status updates along the way. She was well-organized and took great care in managing all details of the selling process. 
 One thing I appreciated most about working with Roxy was that even though she worked to get me the best offer, she was always very respectful of everyone in the process and was always so genuine in her communications and connections throughout. 
I would recommend Roxy to anyone interested in working with an agent who is trustworthy, hard working, and confident to ensure her clients and everyone involved in the process has an exceptional experience.”  Seller, Los Gatos

“I had been looking for a couple of months at listings in Willow Glen where I had hoped to find a home that I would be able to retire in. I had a good idea of what I was looking for and a firm budget that I needed to stay within but was starting to lose hope that I would be able to find what I wanted in my price range. 
 While attending an open house in Willow Glen I decided to ask a few questions of the agent who turned out to be Roxy Laufer. Within minutes of talking to her I knew I had found the person that would be able to help me find the home I was looking for.  Roxy was very knowledgeable with the Willow Glen area, she got me perfectly so there was no showing me homes that didn’t fit my needs or over my budget. She consistently made herself available to me when I had questions or wanted to see listings. 
 Within a couple of weeks of our search she would find the perfect home for me.  As soon as we both walked into the home we knew it was the right one, it had all the character and charm that I had been looking for and within walking distance from downtown. 
 The next phase would be where Roxy would shine; she personalized my offer to the seller which in the end gave me the edge that got me the home.  Not only is Roxy an extremely talented agent, she’s very hard working and was someone I knew to be trustworthy. There is little doubt that we’ll keep in touch and definitely someone that I would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”  Buyer, WIllow Glen

“Buying our first home was always a slightly daunting prospect. And meeting Roxy was the one happy coincidence that solved all our problems.  Her approach to the process is especially helpful in that she explained the whole process in great detail well in advance. We were aware of the many steps involved but never felt overwhelmed because of them. The conversations with Roxy helped us see around the proverbial corner. 
We very quickly came to fully trust her with making the right call and were never let down. Another one of her true strengths is in the knowledge of the real estate market in the area and her network (and relationship) with other agents.  This as we learnt has a huge impact on the chances in a competitive market such as the Bay Area. 
 Roxy is super professional, highly approachable and very resourceful.  When we had to move quickly to place our offer (as is often the case in this area), Roxy was one step ahead, well prepared and ready for our decision. Her efficiency is one of the reasons we were able to close on our first offer. We highly recommend Roxy as an agent and wish her the best for the future.” Buyer, Santa Clara

From the day we found our favorite house, Roxy took the initiative to establish a close relationship with the selling agent. By staying in close communication throughout the process, we were able to meet all of the seller’s expectations and requirements.  We believe this is why we were chosen over all of the other competitive offers.
Roxy is a proponent of buyer education. As first time home buyers, it was so important to us that our agent answer our questions and clear any doubts about the process. Roxy also helped us find a loan agent who could help meet our very short deadline! She worked together with him to present a united front to the listing agent, which gave them a lot of confidence in our offer. 
 We appreciated how she presented our offer in person which her commitment to our cause. The home buying process in the Silicon Valley is a whirlwind of competition and short supply. We are grateful to have an agent to guide us through and quell our fears.  Roxy was a key force driving the success of our purchase! ” Buyer, Campbell